My life’s journey has always been linked to storytelling.

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I’m Alessandra Cifali Basher.

Born in Brazil from an Italian Family, I’m a former actress, comedian & writer.


When I became the mom of a sweet boy named Nolan and a loving girl named Giulia, I realized how fast life can go and how fast we forget important things – including the most beautiful details.


I’m terrified of forgetting, and that’s why when, in 2016, I became a self -taught photographer and started to document my children’s’ stories. Then, I started to help other families to document their stories as well. From 2016 to 2020, I have done maternity, newborn, baby, children, seniors, families and business photography. In 2021, I decided to focus on Pets Photography. Our pets are a part of your families, stories and they are our best therapy. Time spent with our pets provide happy, funny moments, day after day. Pets can helps us to overcome grief, to stay in shape, and they surely teach us how to love with our whole hearts.

                                            This is why I realized that one of my missions in this life was to document the lives of our pets in the most beautiful way. They also deserve their spot in our wall decor. They are part of our stories, they are that part of our lives that keep smiling. They deserve to be documented in great style.

Besides being a mom to Nolan and Giulia, I am also mom to a cat named Woody (14 years old), and to half brothers named Mario Casino & Bear Jackpot (8 years old). Together they form a team that support me emotionally in a way that I don’t even know how to express in words … so I express in photos :)

When I’m not cuddling my kids and pets, stepping on toys, chasing the best light, cooking healthy meals, or enjoying Sarasota sunsets, I entertain my husband with my Brazilian accent.

Welcome to my website:)


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